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Late Night on Planet M

Just picture it: you’re the Queen of Late Night TV and it’s taken from you by a bunch of freakin’ corporate suits. So, you do what anyone else would do: try and reclaim your former glory by getting a reality show that ends up ruining your life. So now you’re left with only one recourse: start a grassroots campaign centering on a web show produced by a band of hopeful twenty-somethings.


Marcia is that person and Planet M is her web show. Following Marcia on her quest to find peace and the next great band in America, Planet M takes us across country with her and her young film crew as they search for a little meaning of their own.


Will Planet M be the vehicle they all need to fulfill themselves or will it just be a job they can’t wait to be over? Will Marcia find peace or will her self-destructive behavior get the best of her? Will she achieve stardom as a champion for new artists or will she fade into Hollywood’s background again?


Marcia's Back Story






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