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Marcia Kimpton

Marcia Kimpton is a writer, director, producer and actress based in Malibu, California. Marcia has produced and directed a number of successful web series, TV pilots and short films.


Her first feature film is "Bardo Blues". This film has been submitted to film festivals in 2018 and 2019 and has won 42 awards. “Bardo Blues” is set in Thailand and tells the story of a man coming to grips with tragedy by escaping to paradise. 

Marcia's second short film called “My Reality” is a mock documentary about the Queen of Late Night who loses her job has to settle for reality TV job out of desperation. This film is being submitted to film festivals.


Marcia is currently in post production with her third film “An American in Amsterdam”. This is a comedy film shot in October 2019 in Amsterdam and the plan is to submit it to the 2020 Cannes Film festival.


“Planet M TV Series” was Kimpton’s directorial debut. She acted, produced and wrote the telescreenplay of this dark comedy that captures a late night host in a downward spiral into the depths of reality TV. Given the rise of content satirizing reality TV, Marcia created a continuing web series with the characters from the film that is going into its third season.


Prior to “Planet M,” Marcia's first short was “STAR”, a mock documentary and satire she starred in, wrote and produced. Kimpton also created a pilot for the TV series “An American in Amsterdam” which is currently being pitched to Dutch networks.


Kimpton has produced, written, hosted and acted in 25 shows for television. In 1998, she produced and hosted “Live From the Starlight Room,” a local late night show on KGO-ABC in San Francisco. Prior to this, she was a music and entertainment reporter for four years on KTVU-Fox Morning Show in San Francisco.


Kimpton has studied with the Lee Strausberg Actor’s studio and NYU's film program in New York City. Marcia has traveled to more than 40 countries, studied at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley and continued her extensive studies in meditation and yoga.

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